Department of Financial Institutions Statement on Phishing

The Indiana Department of Financial Institutions has received reports that callers posing as representatives from the State of Indiana or the Department of Financial Institutions have been contacting individuals asking for personal information allegedly to ensure that deposits are insured by the FDIC. These calls are fraudulent.

The Department of Financial Institutions is responsible for the chartering, regulation, examination, and supervision of state-chartered banks and credit unions and also licenses and supervises statutory activities of pawnbrokers, money transmitters, check cashers, budget service companies, rental-purchase agreement companies, licensees under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code, and licensees under the Indiana Small Loan Act.

The Department of Financial Institutions wants you to be aware of these attempt to commit scams against this type of fraud. Department of Financial Institution employees will never contact individuals regarding their personal accounts at banks or credit unions. Be suspicious of phone calls or any contact from someone posing to be a “bank examiner” or an “employee” of your bank or credit union.

While a scammer contacting consumers might appear trustworthy, the scammer seeks one thing: to obtain personal information – including account numbers and balances, Social Security number, credit card numbers and any other personal financial information – to fraudulently take money from consumers.

For more information, please contact:

Troy Progue


Kirk Schreiber