Long Term Certificates of Deposit

The Bank offers a variety of long term certificates with terms of 1-5 years, with each paying an attractive market rate. These certificates have fixed rates and terms. Minimum deposits are $1,000 for all certificate terms. All certificates renew automatically upon maturity at the current rate unless the customer is notified in writing that the Bank will discontinue offering this certificate. Customers have a ten (10) day grace period at maturity to make additions, withdrawals or other changes without incurring a penalty.

Distribution of Earnings: Interest may be: (1) left in the account to compound until maturity (this interest becomes part of the principle when the certificate renews; (2) paid by a monthly or quarterly check ($5,000 balance or more) or a check at maturity, or (3) transferred to a separate checking or savings account.

Interest may be withdrawn without penalty anytime. However, an early withdrawal penalty will be assessed if the principal amount of the certificate is withdrawn. If a partial withdrawal causes the remaining balance to fall below the minimum requirement, the CD must be closed.

A penalty may apply for early withdraw.

Please contact an United Bank Office Manager for more information and to open your account today!