Employee Benefits

A Health Savings Account helps you manage your out-of-pocket dollars for healthcare expenses and offers tax benefits. The money you save in your HSA, as well as the interest earned on the account, is tax-free. Withdrawals from your HSA are also tax-free as long as you use the money to pay for qualified medical expenses for you, your spouse and dependents. You keep your HSA, even when changing jobs, and, there is no annual 'Use It or Lose It' Rule with an HSA; any unspent money stays in your account.

United Bank's Health Savings Accounts earn very competitive interest rates.

If you have an existing HSA and would like to roll it into a United Bank HSA, you may do so without a tax penalty.

In addition, you determine how much to contribute weekly, monthly, or in one lump sum; up to the maximum amount allowed and whether to pay for medical expenses, long-term care, or save for retirement.

Access to your funds are available with a United Bank Health Savings Account Debit Card, through United Bank's 24/7 Access Anytime Online Banking and through Access Anytime Telephone Banking at 1-866-3ANYTIME (866-326-9846). You will also receive monthly statements.

To open a Health Savings Account, complete the Enrollment Form, print a copy, and fax to (812) 429-0542 or mail to:
United Bank
HSA Processing
P.O. Box 1347
Evansville, IN 47706-1347

Please contact an United Bank Office Manager for more information and to open your account today!