Additional Checking Services

Overdraft Protection
All United Bank customers have a way to avoid NSF (non-sufficient funds) charges on checking accounts when their balance goes into overdraft by activating an Overdraft Transfer.

Overdraft Transfers can be made from a Statement Savings Account, Money Market Deposit Account, another checking account, or from a ONECheck Line of Credit tied to the checking account.

One transfer will be made daily for the total overdraft balance regardless of how many checks clear.

Disclosures will be provided at account opening.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit enables our customers to authorize the direct deposit of their Social Security, government, railroad retirement or payroll checks to their checking or savings account at United Bank.

To authorize direct deposit of a payroll check, customers must obtain and complete an authorization form from their employer.

Disclosures will be provided at account opening.

Automatic Transfer
In-House Transfers (ATS)
ATS is a program that permits our customers to have automatic transfer of funds between checking and savings accounts and/or for automatic loan payments at the Bank.

Interbank Transfer (PCS)
PCS is a program that allows our customers to have automatic transfer of funds from other banks checking or savings accounts to United Bank for deposit to their checking or savings account(s) or for monthly loan payments. Payments may be made for mortgage and installment loans or for regularly scheduled deposits to a savings/checking account. The payments must meet all three criteria listed below:

  1. Be made monthly (only for mortgage and installment loans)
  2. Be for the same amount each month
  3. Be transferred on the same date each month

Authorization forms are available at any United Banking Center.

Combined Statements
Combined statements allow the customer to see all their United Bank accounts, including checking, savings, certificates, installment loans and mortgage loans on one easy-to-understand statement. Customers may also request that only certain accounts appear on a combined statement.

There is no charge to the customer for this service.

United Bank provides all customers the convenient and economical method of banking-by-mail. This service is particularly attractive to customers who are unable to come into a banking center. Transactions are posted to the account the same day the mail is received. Receipts are sent on all bank-by-mail transactions. A self-addressed envelope is returned with every bank-by-mail deposit transaction.

There is no charge to the customer for this service.

Please contact an United Bank Office Manager for more information and to open your account today!