United Bank Office Managers

The e-mail links provided are not transmitted via secure domain and confidential information such as passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. should not be included in your correspondence. Feel free to call us during business hours for questions regarding your account activity at 1-800-280-8280 or (812) 424-0921.

 Location Name Phone Number  
 Downtown Suzae Cook (812) 424-0921 Email Suzae
 East Deb Behme (812) 479-0831 Email Deb
 North Susan Anslinger (812) 424-4010 Email Susan
 St. Joe Bill Masterson (812) 424-6321 Email Bill
 West Susie West (812) 424-6321 Email Susie
 Bell Oaks Chris Rhodaback (812) 858-6880 Email Chris
 Mt. Vernon Jessica Wright
(812) 831-3611 Email Jessica
 Clifton Shelly Watson (513) 281-2443 Email Shelly
 Chicago Deanna Camper (773) 881-6800 Email Deanna
 Aurora Jean Sin (303) 343-8888 Email Jean
 Carmel Stacy Broniak (317) 818-2265 Email Stacy
 Alameda Taylor Last (303) 623-8888 Email Taylor