United Fidelity Bank ATM Locations

United Fidelity Bank is proud to provide you access to over 85,000 ATM locations nationwide! No matter where you are traveling, you are close to a Surcharge-Free ATM.

There are no ATM surcharges when you access an ATM displaying an Allpoint, Money Pass or Alliance One logo.

Allpoint Network-55,000 locations nationwide
Circle K-Costco-CVS-Kroger-Safeway
Seven Eleven-Speedway-Sunco
Target-Walgreens-Winn Dixie

Money Pass-25,000 locations nationwide

Alliance One-5,057 locations nationwide

Find nearby ATMs with free mobile apps from Allpoint, Money Pass and Alliance One.


Evansville East Side Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 700 S Green River Road
5000 Washington Avenue
5300 Vogel Road
6209 Vogel Road
4401 Theater Drive

Evansville Downtown Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 18 NW Fourth Street
1330 W Franklin Street
2130 West Franklin
101 Oakley (Berry Plastics)

Evansville North Side Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 4441 N First Avenue
1212 St George Road (Atlas)
5401 Hwy 41 North
840 Diamond Avenue
3820 First Avenue
1100 W Buena Vista

Evansville West Side Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 4801 W Lloyd Expressway
United Fidelity Bank, 311 N. St. Joseph Avenue
5343 Pearl Drive
4905 University Drive
5020 University Drive

Newburgh Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 8533 Bell Oaks Drive
8266 Bell Oaks Drive
5388 Old State Road 66 (Alcoa)
3944 State Road 261

Mt. Vernon Locations
United Fidelity Bank, 500 E Fourth St
405 E Fourth St

Other Tri-State Area Locations
Boonville: 966 N State Road 61
Chandler: 114 W Lincoln Avenue
Lynville: 215 Main Street
Owensboro: 717 Harvard Drive
Owensboro: 4800 Hartford Road
Owensboro: 2820 York Street
Owensboro: 933 Tamarack Road
Petersburgh: IPALCO Plant, Hwy 57 North
Princeton: 3020 Dixon Street
Vincennes: 615 Kimmel Road

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